Fresh strawberry pancakes

For the month of September we went to Aldi’s which is a grocery store. We had to drive a ways to get to it but it was worth the savings in the end. For 1.5 months worth of food we only spent *drum roll please* 91 dollars. I must say for loads of meat, potatoes, fruit, and other items we did a great job. We also only spent 20 min in the store. There is one thing that Brian and I dislike crowded stores with screaming kids. This is why knowing what your getting and watching out for sales is a great method to stay focused!
We bought some fresh strawberries and that is where this idea came from. I was thinking about making pancakes but I was tired of making them the same way.
I washed about 7 strawberries (leaving some aside for later), cut off the tops, and sliced them up. I made the pancake mix with Bisquick, (I was able to get the mixture thin). I tossed in the strawberries and started cooking the pancakes. I piled two plates high with the strawberry pancakes and put slices of strawberries around the pancakes. I put 1/2 teaspoon of butter on top of the pancakes and sprinkled 1/2 teaspoon of powdered sugar before pouring syrup on the very top.

My husband and I loved them and I look forward to making them again

Fresh Strawberry pancakes 1

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