3 months and a Table and chairs

We were given a table and chairs by Bri’s Grandma W! They are great and it matches our dining room. This particular table and chairs have gone through three generations of family now and have yet to need to be repaired. The two things I love are longevity and low maintenance. I dont want to spend my whole day cleaning and scrubbing.

They put an awful stuff on the chairs according to Grandma W, well when it gets warm you stick to them, which reminds me I need to wash the very cool black chair covers. I am hoping Brian will sand each chair and eventually the table and the leaf that came with it and re stain it all. For right now though I am just happy to have a table to eat at instead of on the bed.



Our 3 month anniversary was on the 5th. We spent the day with his Moms side of the family at the park. We took Gizmo our newest puppy. Nina Marie died of a sudden heart attack at the vets and unfortunately they could not revive her. She was 11 years old and I miss her. Having Gizmo around makes me miss Nina a little less. She is all spunk and maybe 10 percent sugar. 🙂

Gizmo awake


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