The Master Bedroom before…

I am a hard person to compromise with as most of my family and friends know. Though my husband and I have come to a compromise to fix up one room at a time, and then buy furniture for that room. The only thing that we will have to wait on is windows because they have to be custom made. I take photos with my phone so the quality is lacking, but at the moment that is all we have :).

For the Master Bedroom we have to do a few things…

1st Brian just filled the nail holes (March Done)
2nd we will be filling the phone jack hole with dry wall (March Done)
3rd we will be putting carpet in the closet (Spring Break)
4th Sanding and mudding (Spring Break)
5th priming and painting (Spring Break)
6th making my closet (April)
7th Furniture (Buy in May)


3 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom before…”

  1. I didn’t know Brian had a tattoo! What’s the full thing say? And good job on patching up the wall!! I’m a complete dunce when it comes to fixing things.

    1. It is Latin for, ‘If you want peace prepare for war’. Sic vis pacem para bellum. Brian is great at fixing things :).

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