New look and some photos from outside..

I became tired of having to deal with photos that get cut off on other layouts. I found this layout and it allows me to have a ton of pictures in rows with out cutting them off.

Now that it is getting warm outside we are able to work on the flower bed. Yesterday we moved one of the burning bushes so that it would have more room to grow. I have raked and weeded the flower bed. There is more to weed every week. This will take a few years but it will be a fun project to do together!

The Goals are to have

1. All the weeds gone

2. Each plant have enough room to grow

3. Re do the brick that was destroyed

4. Re do the stairs and lattice

5. Put some type of climbing plant on the lattice to give it a nice green background

The first photo is after I raked and weeded.            The second is just a picture of afterward        The third is of the burning bush we moved

The fourth is how the plants look like since they have been spaced out.


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