Spring Break + Spring Cleaning

I am sort of glad that all the schools are taking off the same week. It gives me time to clean my house from top to bottom. I am thoroughly cleaning one room a day which still gives me time to garden, cook, practice clarinet, and read.

Thanks to the following cleaners

Bleach and water

The Broom

Swiffer 360 (which allows me to finally dust with out having the possibility of falling off of a chair!)

Swiffer wet jet

Magic eraser

All of these products work very well. With the wet jet there are a few spots where I think I used too much solution and thus it is a tad sticky at first. It dries very quickly and does not have a harsh scent. The swiffer 360 was able to go places and grab all the pet hair and dust that irritates my nose. I am also glad I do not have to climb any counters or chairs to do so. The Magic eraser works really well on the stove and oven. Even though there are some spots in the oven that will never come off it is nice to know that I am not using any harsh chemicals where my food cooks.

Gizmo was finally able to come and see the kitchen. We had it barricaded off so that I could clean with out her under my feet. I am glad to be done with this room :). I am going to go read the Twilight series!


2 thoughts on “Spring Break + Spring Cleaning”

  1. Very pretty!! I may have to pick up the Swiffer 360, but our apartment doesn’t have much tile or laminate to worry about cleaning. Still, it’d be nice to not have to drag out the mop and bucket every time I want to clean the floors.

    Your kitchen is much smaller than I realized- not much larger than ours! But I envy you your windows. *envies*

    1. The only rooms that have tile are the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and eventually the computer room too. I like the fact that our kitchen isn’t big. I love our windows and doors. It lets in a lot of light we rarely need to turn on lights in our house.

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