Primed my first wall! Plus I finished cleaning the bathroom/computer room.

So it might as well come out now. When I dusted the computer room I *cough* …moved the computers printer. Which in turn accidentally pulled a cord out. I did not know this … so for a few days now I have been trying to upload photos to no avail. My husband comes in and says did you move the printer? I said no…well a little. As soon as he inspects it…he finds the unpluged cord and voila it is fixed. 🙂

First of all I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom. I dusted, swept, and moped. EW the things I found and will never speak of again. I cleaned the tub, shower curtain, toilet, and the sink. Finally I washed all the towels for good measure.

The bathroom will one day be remodeled. And one day we will replace the EVIL toilet! You may have one the battle but you have not won the War!

Also I cleaned the computer room. Now I know why my asthma and allergies were so horrible. There was so much dust in there I think the swiffer 360 was starting to choke.

So onward to the final thing that I have done. For the first time and certainly not the last I have primed my first wall.

My husbands hand got in the way in the first photo. If I must say I did a pretty good job for my first try. The lighting is funny because of the hall way light  fixture but meh oh well.


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