Controlled destruction ‘The Master Bedroom in progress’

Today I have done a lot! This is the first time for me to use power tools, and destroying a wall. My husband stated that I need to learn controlled destructive measures. 🙂 I must say demoing a wall does help get any frustration out.

I primed the closet with white. I am going to touch up the closet tomorrow with the last bit of white primer. Then later on I will be painting the whole room and closet a beautiful Ivory color.

This is the wall / closet we are going through from the master bedroom side. I tore up all the carpet and trim.

Since we decided to take down this wall… I took off the trim with the help of Bri.

Now to the finale …. the destruction of the wall… *Drum roll* ps. Brian did the bottom and I did the top.

The original owners had these two rooms connected and it had its own private bathroom. The second owners screwed up everything the original owners built. We are pretty much fixing it back to the way it was first built. That is minus the private bath. Instead we are just creating one huge bathroom.

I will do a final blog on the finished product before we put furniture in.


4 thoughts on “Controlled destruction ‘The Master Bedroom in progress’”

  1. *grin* It worries me, just a little, to think of you with a sledgehammer. But then, I’ll be doing the same thing this summer, so perhaps you should worry about my destructive tendencies, too. *laugh*

    Great job on the remodel so far, babe!

      1. My parents have to take out everything in their basement because the previous owners never got a permit to put anything in, and what they did do isn’t up to code. So we’re going to go around the system and demolish everything ourselves, then every 90 days have an inspection done for something else. Whatever was done during those 90 days is assumed to have been completed before, with the permits already submitted. Somehow this’ll all work.*shrug* All I know is that I’m allowed to have a sledgehammer and Dad’s letting Mom and me take out our frustrations.

      2. I am so sorry dear! *hugs* We had had 12 inspections until we were allowed to buy the house. They checked everything and the fire marshal came over to inspect our fireplace. Not that we would ever use the fireplace at this point.

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