My little Green house :)

Woohoo Okay yes I did go to the store , I also spent way much more than I should have, and I got everything we needed. On my list of things I was supposed to get was a little green house for all my seeds.

It is a 72 reusable tray with cover. It had these little plug things. I turned them right side up and added 2.5 quarts of water. Then I mushed up the soil, made a hole, stuck the seeds in, and then covered them up.

I planted the seeds in this order

Blue bonnets (very old pack that may not grow)

Red Poppys (um I dont know but I think something ate the seeds…and pooped yea so I dont think those will grow oh well they are old too and when I mean old I mean 2002 !)

Everything below is from last year and I could not plant them because it was way to late to do so.






I can not wait till these little guys start popping up. I am thinking about putting them in Terracotta pots and sitting them out on top of the flower bed.

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