Farmers market + plants

I bought four plants today at the farmers market. I planted the Morning Glories in the flower bed.  They will climb the lattice and hopefully will make a beautiful back drop for the other plants. We will be planting the bleeding hearts next to the Rose of Sharron bushes in a month or so. The Canna Lilly will live in a pot and live on the porch. If I planted the Canna Lilly I would have to dig it up in the winter and then replant it in the spring and that is too much work. The Begonia and Canna Lilly come indoors for the winter. The Maria stern rose bush is doing well. The other plants I have ordered will hopefully come in on Monday. Bleeding hearts is the first photo, Next the Begonia, Third the Canna Lilly, Fourth the morning Glories, and the last photo is of all the plants.

The Lemon dwarf tree, and Tangerine dwarf tree that are arriving next week will live out on the porch and come indoors for the winter also.


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