Stuffed Hash-browns

Stuffed Hash-browns


4 cups- 5 cups Thawed shredded Hash-browns (from the frozen section)

Extra virgin olive oil

4 of your favorite cheeses

Bacon cooked crispy and drained we used 12 strips

1/4 of bell pepper chopped up

1/4 of tomato chopped

Heat the skillet over medium high. Coat the skillet with olive oil. Once it is hot put a layer of thawed hash browns in the skillet and press down. I used the spatula to scrape the sides towards the center so that it would still look round. I put a layer of cheese and left 1/2 inch border. Then I put my vegetables and meat for the middle layer.  Next I put more cheese for another layer. Finally I put a layer of hash browns on top and I pressed it down again. I scraped any hash-browns that were starting to fall off the edges towards the center. Once it was really brown on the bottom I used two very large spatulas and carefully flipped the stuffed hash browns. I scraped any filling or hash browns that fell out back in with the spatula.

These were so good that I made them two days in a row. I think I could eat this every day!


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