Mara’s Birthday Box

On Wednesday September 15th I was leaving for my lesson in GR (Grand Rapids) and the mail lady comes driving up. She hands me my mail and then says there is a package. I think it is for Bri because normally I do not get packages. She hands me this box and I look down all I see is Mara’s name and I squeel like a little girl.

Mara is one of three women I met in college. They are all amazing and wonderful in their own way. Mara has a heart of gold, funny, loving, and will drop everything for her friends and family in need. I do not know what I would do with out you Mara your one of my Best Friends in the whole wide world. I miss you , Jess Jess, and Chicken so much. All three of you kept and continue to keep me sane.

She sent me a big box full of stuff which included the following:

An amazing cookbook called cooking light

It is great! It has full menu ideas on the side of the recipe which is awesome!! Bri and I have already picked out a few we want to try first!

4 rose floating candles and they smell good too!

The little brown compact with NEW APA format WOHOO for those of you who don’t know… I am going for my Masters and this will be a lot of help

The Endless engrossing bathroom reader : This is so awesome and funny!

A bag full of soaps, lotions and other wonderful bath things

An awesome card with two gift cards also.


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