Birthday Shopping

Since I did not have work today I went shopping. I went to Kohl’s and Target and made out like a bandit. I just realized I wasn’t smiling when I took the photo… lol… I was concentrating on getting the shirt and pants in the photo…and totally forgot!!


Glass Juicer 2.99

Shakers 1.98 (2)

Toothpick holder with toothpicks 1.99

3 candy dishes for 2.50 each

Kohl’s- 25

Nice shirt leopard print Original price 36  what I paid 7.20

Nice grey high waist slacks original price 40.00 what I paid 12.00

Bangels Originally 12.00 What I paid 7.99

Total I spent 44.15, Gift cards 35, total spent out of pocket 9.15


One thought on “Birthday Shopping”

  1. You DID make out like a fiend! The shirt looks gorgeous on you, but I wouldn’t wear the bangles with it. It’s a little too… eh, much.

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