Our second fall (getting ready for Halloween part 1)

Fall is officially here! This is part 1 of 2. I will be making popcorn balls and getting candy for Halloween the day before. The reason is because if I get the candy now….I may eat it all before Halloween gets here. For now here is what I made for the fall season and how we decorated!

I used Alton Browns Pumpkin bread recipe to make Pumpkin muffins. I did not drain the pumpkin. I added an extra 1/2 of flour and a 1/4 of oat flour. I crushed up a whole cinnamon stick and I topped the muffins with a little nutmeg. they are very moist and good. Next time I will grind up the cinnamon more because 🙂 a few bits were whole when I took a bite of my muffin.

I also bought pumpkins from my neighbors a street over from us. They grow and sell pumpkins every year. I placed one on our dinning room table and decorated the outside with the rest. I made a mistake though when I picked up the pumpkins… I bent over instead of using my knees. I have pulled the lower muscles in my back and it hurts to almost do everything. I hope that I have learned my lesson this time. I love fall and the autumn colors here in Michigan. I still can not get over how many trees there are and how beautiful it is. Here are two photos of our front yard.


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