The best husband in the world :)

I have recently hurt my arm last month. My doctor believes it to be Medial Epiconditis with Tendonitis. Medial Epiconditis is an injury to the elbow and can cause a lot of pain. Tendonitis is where tiny tears occur in the tendons. I am pretty sure it is the 13 years of playing clarinet with too much tension that has caused the majority of the injury.

I plan on making cookies as my Christmas gifts this year. The one thing I was worried about is mixing everything since I am not allowed to do repetitive movements.

My wonderful husband being the amazing guy he is bought me a mixer. It is a Kenmore 5 qt 400 watt stand mixer!

I know a lot of people love kitchen aid and I am sure they are great. I however dont care because I love the one my husband bought me today!!!!

I can not way to try it out!!!


4 thoughts on “The best husband in the world :)”

  1. You DO have the best husband ever (except for mine, sorry!)!!! I was hoping he’d buy you a stand mixer before Christmas- I was so worried about your arm trying to make all those cookies! 😦 And yeah, I definitely think playing your instruments near-constantly for so many years caused damage. Didn’t you tell me a few years ago that most professional musicians have short careers because they sustain too many injuries?

    1. Some do if they do not let their arms heal. If people play with wrong tech. and continue to do so (or in my case w/ so much tension then it causes damage).

      Yes your Nick is an amazing man πŸ™‚ so calm, sweet, thoughtful, gosh I could go on and on!!

      When ever I come down to Colorado I am going to make you, Nick and Katie some treats.. In fact if she is old enough she can help make a mess in the kitchen πŸ™‚ we will have to take tons of pictures.

  2. Yay!! I’m so happy for you. I have a stand mixer and it makes baking such a wonderful treat!! Enjoy giving your elbow a rest!!! Miss you girl!!

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