Chirstmas Gifts part 3

Wow I am totally exhausted and quite proud that all of the cookies came out well. I changed a few things with two cookies. I did not make the peppermint icing for the biscotti. When I was making the royal icing for the Santa cookies…well….. I didn’t end up with red. So I decided to change them in to a decorated pink sugar cookie ;). We also had to do some minor surgery to a few gingerbread men that decided to almost fall apart. One Gingerbread man beheaded himself… so  I practiced piping on him and ultimately ate him!

With out further ado… photos!


Pin Wheel cookeis
Peppermint biscotti
Gingerbread Army
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall....
Chocolate Pistachio Trees
Sugar cookie Cut outs ' Originally Santa Cut outs'
Sugar Cookie Cut outs
Close up of Sugar cookie cut outs
Mountain Christmas Cookies
Sugar Cookies Packaged
Gingerbread men Packaged
Pin wheel cookies packaged
Chocolate Pistachio Trees Packaged
Peppermint Biscotti Packaged
Mountain Christmas Cookies Packaged
All the cookies packaged




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