Garmin Nuvi 255W

So if you will remember I have this habit of getting lost. My husband bought this GPS and I took it out of a test spin a few weeks ago when I went to go to my clarinet lesson. It got me there and back …oh how I want to put again at the end of that phrase…any LOTR fans? It also recalculated when I would take a different route. I am used to going a specific way to GR (Grand Rapids).

I have had no problems with this device. The only think I would like to do is get a soft cloth to clean it with ….loads of finger prints sigh. I believe the only thing that is recommend is using a soft cloth ie. cloth you would use on eye glasses.

Even though I know how to get to school and back home I take it with me because by the time I get out it is dark. Darkness + Michigan in winter = catastrophic.

Now just because this popped in to my brain and I need a break from studying Anatomy and physiology …

Driving pet peeves in Michigan

1. Passing on the right

2. Not using blinker (you would not believe the amount of people who do not use their blinker)

3. Speeding along when there is a snowstorm and ice

( I even had a near death experience and I wasnt going fast…in fact I was 20 miles under the speed limit and still lost control of the vehicle and I think I may have hit a combination of ice and slush…not to worry… the truck is okay, I am okay and no one else was involved…that is to say they did not move till I regained control, hit the 4 wheel drive and continued on my merry way… okay more like adrenilne pumping wow I almost died way. Which in any case those of you who know me best will enjoy this …my first thought crap we can not afford to repair the truck if it gets damaged and secondly hospital bills are too expensive. Leave it to me to think of bills before my own life. 🙂 My husband thought it was hilarious and so did I.


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