Gateway Lap Top

The joys of having my own lap top. I can write papers, take notes, blog, goof off as my amazing grandpa would say. It comes with windows 7, webcam, 3 GB memory, 320 GB hard drive, Intel pentium processor, and cool backgrounds. Alright so lets pretend I understand all that stuff… I really dont know the technical stuff but I do know it can do what I need it to do and thats all that counts. All I need the lap top for is…

1. school work : Notes , papers, looking up grades and downloading power point slides

2. Blogging : The ability to sit down and blog at my own leisure is great 🙂

3. Cooking : I have put Master cook 11 on my lap top which I can take in to the kitchen and that truly excites me!

4. Email, reading, and general goofing off.

Con: Ahem ready Overly sensitive mouse…oh how you aggravate me when I am taking notes and you jump to a different part…and do I notice no at least not until Ive written a whole section and I look up from my book to double check spelling. I am trying a new thing where I read a paragraph/section and type definitions, important facts etc, and summarize as necessary. I am only doing this for my psy class. Anatomy and physiology class I still like to take extensive notes by hand. I down load the power points and use them as an additional study tool because of the pictures.

So if you are looking at a Gateway … I have had no problems. My only advice figure out what you need it to do, keep it with in your price range, read reviews , and take the reviews with a grain of salt. There will always be problems and there will always be that one product that came of the assembly line as a dud.


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