Master Cook 11

I have been looking at softwear to hold all my recipes for a while. I bought this one because it had everything I wanted and more. Now the large task at hand is to take all of pages I have printed out and put them into the program. The ones that I have gotten off the internet should be easy to copy and paste in to the appropriate boxes. The ones I have cut out of boxes and or magazines however, will take a while.

I went through everything I had printed and if I thought I was going to make it, or had made the recipe I kept it. I had around 200 -300 pages of paper. Yes I have amassed quite a collection of trees.

One of the great things is I can go paperless so in theory I should not be printing out anymore recipes. The only problem I can foresee is using my lap top in the kitchen… Water plus electronics ..hmm. I will have to take extra precautions to not get my lap top immersed in water, egg, flour or other ingredients.

Features and Pros:

scale recipes up or down for 2-50.

Verbal instructions

It states the carb’s, proteins and fats etc.

It can create menu’s, shopping lists , etc

It will be so much easier to find recipes also!

Cons: The help section does not work.

2 thoughts on “Master Cook 11”

  1. This looks totally cool!!! Review it for me after you use!! I might have to get this. I hadn’t even thought to look for a cookbook software like this and I’ve been wanting to get my recipes into one place for quite awhile!! (Oh, and sorry I don’t comment more…they haven’t updated the browser at work so I can’t comment from that computer and that’s where I do most of my blog reading!)

    1. I have yet to use it in the kitchen. The only con I have found is that the help section is lacking. It will not let me click on the next link which frustrates me to no end. It is a really good program for the price and considering it comes with 8000 recipes already 39.99 is a bargain. Also, no worries about the commenting I am super busy too and have not been cooking and blogging as much as I would have like too.

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