Sherrie and Travis’ Wedding / Mini Texas Trip

I was blessed to be able to go to my sisters wedding. It was wonderful and everything went well. She has amazing in-laws! Travis of course is doing well and is the same since I last saw him two years ago animated, fun, well spoken, honorable, and very loyal to my sister. Any one who knows my sister knows she is loyal to the people she loves. As a child she was a tom boy but since she meet Travis she has turned into a well dressed individual and has found her own style. If only she could have been this stylish in high school ;).

The rehearsal dinner was hosted by Theresa and David G and it was at their house. Betty and Richard M, and Victoria and David W were also hosts at the rehearsal dinner. WOW what a beautiful house with a spectacular view ! The food was great and now I want to make them all! I am going to attempt to spell the dishes (crosses fingers) Chicken salad, Ceviche , and Hickama salad, and of course an assortment of fruits/veggie/cheese platter (mmm cheese). They had a mariachi band , and all the people were wonderful.

I was so happy that my speech went well. I originally had it all typed out but forgot it at the hotel so I had to wing it anyway. I loved the slid show and its too bad we did not have any photos of my sister as a baby etc .

I am fond of all of her Bridesmaids and they all had something to give Sherrie whether advice , hugs, etc. A wonderful lady named Amber (one of Sherries friends)Β  did all of our make up and gave me wonderful advice on applying it. We all tidied up the bridal suit in no time flat and I bet we were the cleanest bridal group in Texas :).

The ceremony went well though I wish I would have chosen flats like one of the bridesmaids 😦 thank God I remembered to keep my knees bent and to shift my weight every so often. My sister practically did a military walk/ quick step down the isle. Then she almost forgot her bouquet as she and Travis walked down the isle. Thank goodness Mr. K held me back till they were half way down the isle. I guess its in our genes when we get nervous we just start moving a lot faster unless someone reels us back and tells us to breath. πŸ™‚

Sherries mother in law’s sisters (Mary Bess and Lulu) did our brunch and hopefully I am not forgetting anyone! The reception was at Travis’ parents house and it is just stunning. There were a lot of people and I being the klutz that I am only dropped one fork 😦 and bumped in to the same people each time which was fun because then I recognized their faces. Hopefully I did not tell too many silly stories about Sherrie.

Mariana was the photographer and not only was she amazing but very intuitive! She isΒ  a very take charge and gets things done which I love! Justin the hairstylist was professional and was able to make my sister laugh which I was very proud and happy about! I had the urge to go hug him but I knew he was busy and did not want to disturb him.

Sherries new mother in law and father in law are calm and wonderful people. I know where Travis gets his animated side from πŸ™‚ his mom. When they were doing the Mother /son dance I could see that he gets a lot of his personality from her. The grandparents are also great people though I did not get to speak to them a whole lot. Though I know based off the stories I have heard from Sherrie, Travis, and others that they are giving, gracious, and wonderful people.

A handful of our my sister and I’s family were able to come which was awesome. It was nice to have a few of the family together though I wish more of the family was able to come. Every aspect of the wedding went so fast. I now know how my sister felt when I got married happy and sad at the same time. Happy that she has found some one , and sad that I would not see her for another year. I am not going to lie I cried quite a few times.

I miss her very much and can not wait to see her again. Then again thank God Travis will have to be the one to live with her messy self from now on ;)!

The Mini Texas Trip

Wow Texas you have changed and stayed the same. If you know the song by the Beatles “Theres a place” it aptly describes my trip.

I spent the day with my best friend from elementary and her mom and then went out with some of my old friends from high school.

While it felt different it felt so much the same being with them. I was able to see our band mom!! I was so happy to see her and her husband! They are such giving people and I have always looked up to them. I hope one day I can be like them.We went out to dinner and dessert. Since it was a Sunday there really wasn’t much to do and I did not want to keep them out too long because most of them had work Monday morning.

I feel like I have grown up quite a bit and I hope I have. I know there are certain things about me that have not changed but I hope I continue to change for the better in the future.

Hanging out with my friends made me feel great and now as I sit and type this I feel their absence even more. I do not think I will ever find girlfriends like them. Perhaps it is because we have gone through elementary, middle, and high school together. I do not think that time length and growth can be replaced. Thank God I had such wonderful, amazing friends who put up with me throughout the years! πŸ™‚

(it will not let me download photos from facebook 😦 ) mwhahah I win!

Jeannie H, Amanda S, Rachel M, Me, Meagan PFrom left to right (Jeannie, Amanda, Rachel, Me, Meagan)

The next day was calm and relaxing! Meagan and I went to many stores and I got my first manicure ever!

If you are ever in the Houston area you need to go to this place. The ladies were calm and nice. The store was clean and well-lit. They did such a wonderful job and I almost was falling asleep because I was so relaxed.

Here are the earrings I bought at a little shop named…Jubilee . We were going around to all sorts of little stores and antique shops.

Jubilee (store in Houston Texas)

Here is my little Gizmo. She annoyed her daddy the whole time I was gone. When he had to stay overnight for some VA stuff and came back the next morning she gave him the ‘how dare you leave me alone’!! look. πŸ™‚I took this photo of Gizmo before I left and apparently this is how she felt while I was gone.

Overall it was a great mini vacation but it went way too fast and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Thank you to every one who helped with this weekend no matter what part big or small it was greatly appreciated!

Mrs. M.

Aka. Annie


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