Meditation + a dog = laughter

I was feeling so overwhelmed by stress that I decided to sit on the floor and try some breathing exercises and meditate. My dog was sitting on a chair, at my eye level, staring at me as I sat on the floor with my eyes closed. I opened my eye to see my dog extending her leg and paw outward trying to touch me as she sat. So I tried again closing my eyes, breath in , breath out, breath in breath out, etc. My mind would wonder and then I would focus on my breathing….then it would wonder again….and then it would come back to my breathing. Then I opened my eyes again and there is that paw in the air close to my face trying to get my attention. I could not help it I just started to laugh. I think my dog knew that is what I needed. I believe she knows that I am stressed and so she is staying next to me to reduce that stress.

Dear Gizmo, Even though you eat deer/rabbit poop, kill vermin, eat bugs, chase leaves, bark at inanimate objects if they are not in their proper home (ie. vacuum is parked in the living room instead of the closet), trip going up the stairs, and heard me like sheep by bopping me on the bottom…I love you.


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