The garden in progress 2011

I have been planting, and weeding since the middle of May. I am still waiting on the last few plants to come in this month and the beginning of June. I sprayed a great majority of my lawn with weed be gone max and they are slowly dying. The bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are already growing ! My Chinese elms are coming back and hopefully they will reach 3 feet this year . My bleeding hearts came back which was a very nice surprise a week ago when I was watering. I just happened to look down at the base of my rose of Sharron bush and saw them. I am so excited and can not wait till everything is blooming.

Picture 1: Red Tulip

Picture 2: Tulip area before weeding or fence

Picture 3: Yellow Tulip closed

Picture 4: Tulip area weeded and with a fence

Picture 5: Rainbow lewasia in flower bed they will be part of the boarder between the white shasta daisy

Picture 6: Bleeding hearts

Picture 7: Flower bed (still have to move lavender bush back so it has room to grow, move a burning bush over so that the flower bed looks more symmetrical.

Picture 8: Chinese elm growing strong!

Pictures 9 and 10: are from the butterfly garden I planted earlier this May

Picture 11: is the front porch

Picture 12: is my living room

The living room used to be piled with stuff. Old mattresses, boxes, plastic tubs…you name it …it was in the living room . We still have the living room blocked off because Gizmo still likes to go to the bathroom in there even though we take her out often. Finally we can use the living room and I look forward to finishing it and cleaning it up. We still have to take the table on the other wall out and put it down stairs. Then we have to dust the book shelf, the entertainment center, and clean the carpet. I am so glad that one room is somewhat presentable in our house.


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