The Total Money Make Over (an update) + a bit of an update in general

My little sister, who is taller but 2 years younger than I am, basically said I needed to buy this book. I was a little skeptical about it but decided what harm could it do? I went to Amazon and found the book for $3.00. I read the book with in a week. At first it was slow and drawn out but I kept pushing my self to read it. I believe the book could be summed up in a few paragraphs personally but I am not a writer by profession. I became very excited about this even though my husband was less than enthusiastic about it.

Step 1: Save 1000 fast We had this well on its way till our sump pump needed a tune up and so this emergency fund well was used for this emergency. If we had not gotten it fixed well we would not have had running water… and I am sorry I am too accustomed to indoor plumbing to go with out. At this point we were so close to paying off my car we said oh well we will pay it off first. We paid off my car this week and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

The steps are as follows

1st: Save 1000 fast (this is your emergency fund  (we are working on this now)

2nd: Snow ball debt (order debt from smallest to largest  and pay in that order)

Saturn – PAID OFF

Credit cards


3rd: Finish off the emergency fund : Save 3-6 months worth of expenses

4th: Start retirement fund

5th: pay off Mortgage

Though for right now I am going to enjoy owning my first car. I love the fact that I get in my car and I remember that I officially own my Saturn L300. While she isn’t the prettiest inside or out…she does get me from point A to point B and I appreciate that.

Life in General

I am so thankful for my husband. He puts up with my OCD and my other quirks. He mowed the yard (our front yard is HUGE) today and fixed a lawn mower. Overall we are doing well. Some days are long with not a whole lot to do. Other days are on the go from the morning until night. I am just trying to enjoy each moment and day. I remind my self that I will not get a second chance and so I need to slow down which I am getting better at. My husband does a lot for me that I sometimes take for granted. He does the dishes, laundry, takes care of Gizmo, sets up the coffee maker, brings me coffee in the morning sometimes, reminds me of things before I leave (ie. do you have your keys, books , purse, cell phone, gps, lunch , water bottle, etc.) He is a very patient and even tempered man and I am so thankful that I found him. June 5th is our anniversary and I look forward to this year and the many years to come with him.

This is my baby …Gizmo. I can not believe that she will be two this year. Though she has gotten past the teething, can sleep through the night, ….she still has some odd quirks about her.

Gizmo is a fun loving dog. She thinks everything is a game …though she knows when we are serious. She is a high spirited dog with a ton of energy. I can’t help but love and spoil her with toys. She sleeps in our bed most nights unless she gets down in the middle of the night…in that case she has to go to her bed and sleep there (she can not jump on the bed because it is so high….unless one of us is awake and we will pick her up and put her back on the bed)

She is afraid of thunderstorms, trash bags, and has OCD. If something is out of place she will bark until it is put in to its proper place. If you take the vacume and leave it in the living room… she will scream until you put it back in the closet… I would like to say that I have no idea where she gets this from but unfortunately I think.. she gets it from me. I have to put things back and have things neat and tidy. Some days when there is not enough time I let things go until I have the time to deal with them. She can be very loving and gentle at times though most of the time she is a rough, tumble, and pounce kind of dog. Gizmo can be annoying but overall I can not imagine coming home with out her …

When I come through the door… sometimes she barks and I drop my things… she will either run to come great me.. or she will slowly crawl and peer around the stove down the galley kitchen to see who has come in… if she doesn’t come straight for me… I will peer around the fridge and we will stare at each other.. Then I usually greet her or chase her down the hall way.

Thank God for family with out them life would not be worth living.


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