Half of the summer, a swimming pool and a dog

The first half of the summer has gone by so fast. Ive finished with one class , Kinesiology. I did well in it even though I would have preferred an A verses the B+ I received. Though considering my background is music I did very well. I am finishing my advanced Anatomy class.

Brian and I have finished putting up 2/3rds of the siding on the back of the garage. Wow it was a lot of work! We can not finish the work till tomorrow because today was so hot. The hard part was getting on the first piece because some of the bottom stripping is slightly warped. We would get one half on and then have to take it off, then on , then off, and finally we got it to click in to place.  Once we got the first piece on the rest was easier. Here is the work that we have done so far!

Latley on our land we have seen a lot of different animals. We saw a pregnant fox roving in the back yard.  We also saw an Albino toad hanging out on the railing of the side steps. I have never seen one before and I was able to get a few photos.

The garden is going well. The only problem is that some one is eating the flowers in the front. I believe its some rouge deer but I can never catch them and since we are in the country theres no way to stop all the critters from eating my apparently tasty flowers.We bought 10 bags of mulch and we were only able to do part of two areas. Hopefully we will be able to buy 30 more bags at the end of the month and finish the front yard and flower bed.

We went over to my MIL’s and had a great time and dinner. Afterward I jumped in the pool. I am not a good swimmer and in fact only started to learn will in my undergraduate. A friend helped me learn how to float. I trusted her and that was the only way I was able to learn. My mother in law put the life jacket on Gizmo and handed her to me. At first she just floated in the water stiff as a board. Eventually she started to kick and swim around a bit. Eventually she figured out that she could just float around.


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