TJ Maxx

I have been putting off buying clothes because I want to tone up. I’ve gone up 2 dress sizes and so most of my clothes are not fitting very well. I am going to go through all my clothes and organize everything to figure out what I have.  I have transferred worn out clothes to gardening clothes which is useful. The next items I need to buy are shoes . 🙂 I can not wait to go shoe shopping.

Tomorrow we are going to put my bike back together if everything looks good we will start biking this week. My goal is to get toned and get back in to shape.

I went to TJ Maxx and found a lot of neat things for a great price. I really like TJ Maxx though a lot of their clothes are really expensive unless you buy clearance. The range of the clothes prices I bought is 2.00-16.00. I was feeling overwhelmed but I went through and tried to make out fits instead of just picking out one piece here and there.

Items: 14 pieces of clothing

4 Shorts

1 dress

7 tops ( sweaters, dress shirts, tanks, etc.)

2 pairs of pants

Original Total : 204.87

All of the items are on clearance except one item = total spent 113.94


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