I got to use a drill MWAHAHAHA!!!

Brian and I went to Lowes to get some supplies. I actually found a neat little magnetic pouch that he can put on his belt and put screws, nails or tools in and they wont fall out! We got all of our supplies and went home.

We off loaded our supplies and started clearing out the garage.

The garage has become the hodge podge of well all projects that were in the basement. Thankfully Brian moved all of the stuff in to the garage thus clearing out the basement from wood chips, power tools, and quite a lot of dirt.

So now instead of the basement having dirt everywhere… the garage became the dirt capital.

We cleared out all items… two lawn mowers , one snow blower, one rototiller , and a bunch of other stuff.

Then we started sweeping with our new shop broom. We took turns and eventually cleared out all the dirt and leaves!!

The garage is a lot cleaner than when we started. While there’s still dirt we did get rid of random metal on the floor, and glass in the corner from an unknown source.

The next thing we made was a work bench. It is not perfect though it is level so I guess that works. Then again it is Brian’s work bench and if he is happy with it I guess I will have to learn to be happy with it too.

I learned how to use a level with this project.

The we placed everything back in to a spot. We have to make room for the new car we hope to buy this weekend. I thought I had a photo of everything in the garage but I guess not.

We screwed some wood on top of the saw horses. If by chance we cut to much we will only hit the wood on top of the saw horses and not the saw horses themselves.

The last thing we did needs a little explaination. Who ever did the porch before us did not use decking materials. When the , I believe 2 by 4s, started to rot and become unstable we looked in to redoing the steps. In decking material it would cost quite a bit. We still needed to buy windows for our master bedroom and finish that room with carpet etc.

So instead we redid the steps the same way the previous person did. We forgot to buy one more plank of wood for the risers and ended up one short.

I got to learn how to use the drill. At first I was not doing so well and I even stripped the drill bit. The good news is it came with the screws so it wasn’t a big loss. Brian continued to show me the correct way to use the drill and eventually I got the hang of it. P.s. Drills are heavy!!

Tomorrow Brian and I will finish the fenced in area for Gizmo when I get back from school. He put in the posts this past week. Gizmo tried to help by digging up the posts that were already in the ground.

He had to move a post over because there was a huge Maple tree root. The fence doesn’t look completely rectangular but over all it looks great.

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