Chevy Aveo

The first car I bought died this summer. The plan was to keep the Saturn until after my masters was complete. Well a few weeks after paying off my Saturn it died for good.

I needed a car to drive to campus since I am going everyday. The truck does not do well on gas going all the way to Allendale. We went to Benton Chevrolet dealership and found this 09 Chevy Aveo for sale. It was a reasonable price, good gas mileage, and not a whole lot of miles on it. It has had only one owner and it is certified used. We also got a 6 year 100k mile warranty for it. Brian is going to teach me how to drive a stick tomorrow and hopefully I will catch on quick.

I took some nice shots of the car with my 35 mm camera and my phone.

What surprised me is that when I opened the passenger door Gizmo jumped right in! She usually does not like vehicles and has to be carried in to one.

She looks so animated :).


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