101 in 1001: Gizmo’s area

We have been toying with the idea to make Gizmo a fenced in area so that she can go outside when ever she wants. Yesterday Brian started the fenced in area while I was at school. When I came home I helped him finish the area.

(I will not be fenced in)

I got to use a hammer and horse shoe nails for the first time. Brian was pretty patient with me nailing in horse shoes. It takes me forever and sometimes they go in crooked. I like working with the drill more than the horse shoe nails. I also hit my thumb once with my little hammer , which of course moments before I hit my thumb hubby says ‘oh and be careful not to smash your thumb’, DOh! of course what do I do… hit my thumb…:( owie! I didn’t hit it very hard so I am pretty sure I will not have a bruise, blood blister etc.

Once we were finished we decided that just for structural integrity we would put another post between the two on the back end of the fence. Tomorrow we have to buy two more posts to reinforce the long side of the fence just to be safe. Also we are going to get tent posts/pegs??? not sure what they are called but I know I have used/seen them before for the bottom of the fence.

(Side we need to reinforce with two more posts)

Fenced area finished:

(I think Gizmo likes the idea she can come in and out when ever she wants but hates the fact she is closed in)

Later on …perhaps next year or so

We will put a flower bed around the fenced in area with shrubs and greenery. I am not sure which type of flower I want to go over there yet but thats for another day. Where there is concerte only I will have 2 big pots of flowers and 2-3 medium pots of flowers. Brian also sugggested doing a hanging basket on each post, and a welcome sign / chimes between the brick post and the column for the fence. *( you will have to imagine it because I can not seem to get lines and circles on the photo *sigh* I wish I would have paid better attention in Graphic Design class. oh well)

Now it is time to cross of the fenced in area off of my 101 list!!!


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