Shifting in high heels

Monday I drove my Chevy Aveo to school alone for the first time. I had not figured how to put my car in to reverse. I had trouble finding a parking spot. Yet another pet peeve of mine is the fact I pay 168 dollars for a parking permit and seem to have trouble finding a parking spot though that is not the point of this story. I found a spot but I could not just drive right out of the spot. I had a car in front of me. Later when I was going home… I tried to put it in to reverse… nope still not in reverse I tried again , and again , and again… I inched closer and closer to this other vehicle. I was visibly upset and very distressed. I got out of the car two times and eventually shut off the vehicle. I opened the glove compartment and pulled out the manual … I started looking at every page…. VOILA there it was at the very back how to put your Aveo in reverse.

1. push the clutch in

2. depress the ring upward towards the shifter head

3. Push shifter to the top left

I remember thinking ‘SERIOUSLY!’ it is that easy!?  Yes indeed it was that easy! I was so happy that I finally was able to put my car in reverse. Thus the point of this story is that….

My husband went up north for a few days . I have never been alone at home in my entire life. This was a new experience that was interesting to say the least.

I came home and got organized.

1. I made post it notes of things to remember while my husband was up north .

2. I put the dishes away and swept the floors

3. I set up the alarm for the morning and set up the coffee pot..

4. I checked out the 22 that we have and looked for the amo… I could not find it. I remember thinking great thanks Bri you left me with no amo. (turns out he just moved the amo) but in any case I could use it to hit someone in case they did try to come in to my house with out my permission. * remember I have never been alone before….and at this moment I am slightly paranoid*

I accidentally screwed up the coffee pot and had to reset the time and alarm. Then I put in the water, filter and was getting ready to put in the coffee grounds… I looked at the label … ‘how much do I put in’ … I have no idea.. I seriously stood there for  a few minutes … hmmm so I called someone to find out. I accidentally hit the coffee can and it fell to the floor … *sigh* …thankfully only some of the coffee grounds spilled on to the floor. I put a scoop of coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of espresso grounds, some cinnamon and some nutmeg.

At this point I was very frustrated.

The next morning I woke up coughing up a storm at 4am. I had my coffee , did my hair, got my lunch, backpack, purse, etc. I went to work and at lunch I remembered something….did I forget to turn off the coffee pot..? I had no idea and yes I started to panic. This brought up an irrational fear of my house burning down and my dog dieing while I am at work. So after worrying for half a day I drove home …saw that my house was indeed still here and that Gizmo was okay. I let her go to the bathroom in her area, and then I locked up the house and went to school. That is after I unplugged the coffee pot…even though it has a saftey feature similar to my curling iron… it shuts off after 2 hours. I did not know this though .. so thank you to my Grandpa Parker , my friend Mara and anyone else who listened to my irrational paranoid fears.

I also did the laundry and other stuff on Wednesday.

Gizmo had a hard time while Brian was gone. She was very sad and spent quite alot of time sleeping on his side of the bed and under the couch. She was so happy when he came home Tuesday night. She likes to heard people and did that and what I call bopping.. other wise she jumps and bopps people on the rear to get their attention.

I now have a whole new appreciation for my husband. He does so much for me and I love him so much.

I catch on real quick to things… and I have learned quite a lot these past two days. 1. I can get my self up in the morning and make my own coffee, 2. I can remember all my stuff, 3. I learned how to shift my car in to reverse, and 4. I learned that my worrying can interfere with my ability to function.

So, can you shift in high heels because I can and while I still have trouble getting going I am a fast learner .


2 thoughts on “Shifting in high heels”

  1. I’m enjoying these new blog posts you’ve been doing about your life! I really enjoy reading about it! I’m glad you’re getting the hang of driving a stick! I’ve really enjoyed driving a stick in my past! And I’m glad that you made it through the time without Brian there!

  2. Thank you! Someday’s I almost forget I am driving a stick…its amazing how once you get the hang of something it becomes second nature 🙂 Sometimes I am nervous not having Brian but my only real concern is being a good driver and not hurting any one 🙂

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