101 in 1001: Alpaca Show!

I feel in love with Alpacas after watching McLeods daughters which is an Austrailian show about two sisters who have a ranch. Eventually Tess gets two Alpacas and I was hooked! I saw on the ( http://www.visitmuskegon.org/typeevents.cfm?type=Tours ) website a ton of events and amazingly there was an Alpaca show! I have been waiting for this show for weeks and was so excited to see these adorable creatures.

1st Annual Alpaca Day Expo!
This the 1st Annual Aplaca Day Expo FREE and open to the public. This is a great event for family and friends of all ages to enjoy. Come and meet the Alpacas and get your Alpaca kisses! This is located at Scenic Sky @ 1923 Scenic Drive, (between River and Giles) North Muskegon. 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm . There will be snacks and a small store. For more information call Jean at 231-744-9064

First of course you have to  hear about my little mishap at the gas station first. I drive in to the gas station in front of Mejiers on M120. I pull up to the pump , put the emergency brake on, turn off the car, get out and pay for my gas at the pump. I turn to open the door to the gas thing and voila silly girl the gas tank is on the other side. So I get in turn it around and put it in to park again. I get out and low and behold I am not close enough for the nozzle. I pulled it up even further but I was still not close enough. Third times the charm or at least it better be because I am getting a little frustrated at this point. I put it into reverse back it up and then pull it forward and closer to the pump….and finally I was able to pump my gas with no problems. I got my receipt, put in the address in to my GPS, and went on my merry way to the Alpaca show.

I have to be honest I stalled in their paddoc a few times …can you tell I am having a rough afternoon!

NOTE to any one who wants to see the Alpacas later: You will want to call before hand if you want to go see these awesome Alpacas. Also if they are fixed they around 100 dollars. You want to buy 2 because they are pack animals. They need de-worming every month, shots, their nails clipped, and to be sheared. You will also want a fenced in area for them and you will need a bit of land for them to roam.

If you want to show or breed them they will cost 1500-3500 per animal.

The people are awesome and the Alpacas are so CUTE! I got to pet Gabby and take tons of photos. Some of them just had their babies. My husband still wont let me get an Alpaca sigh…but maybe when we are retired and have grand kids we can revisit the subject. I understand why he says no …. he would be the one taking care of them …plus we are trying to renovate our house, I am going to school, then after school Ill be working, and then we will start having babies… so I will never have time for the animals and they deserve someone who will be there to take care of them. Maybe when I am retired we will get a pair for the grandkids to play with.

I bought an Alpaca Cookie cutter too. So I will be making some Alpaca cookies sometime soon! I will have to try and decorate them with shaggy fur icing.

But onward to what we all love to see photos! I took photos with my film 35 mm camera and with my phone. Just in case my film doesn’t come out well due to the dreary weather and all.

One of the new babies he/she was chasing another white baby Alpaca.

Alpaca letting a guy pet her…so cute.

Mama’s and their new babies!

Baby getting food from mama

Mama can you stay still I am trying to eat!

Alright….maybe they will feed us some more grain…

The two that were chasing each other ….the new babies 🙂

Me and Gabby 🙂


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