101 in 1001 : Habitat for Humanity

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You can not really see the blister well in this photo but it is a good 1/4 by 1/4 inch ….

I have always wanted to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I was not allowed to do a whole lot as a kid due to the home I grew up in. I was able to fight to stay in Band , and Civil Air Patrol. I am not saying I did not enjoy those two activities in fact they were my refuge. These two organizations are partly the reason I never did anything too stupid growing up or ended my own life. I also met my some of the best people in these two organization. I met Mary Beth H. now B. from the blog ‘It takes two’ in 6th/7th grade at McDonald Junior high. We both played clarinet and had a mutual friend Amanda M. among others. In college I met the best three girls in the whole world in choir.

Here are a few names of friends that just pop to my mind…. If I have forgotten a friend I am sorry. It is not because you are not important or that I do not think of you… in fact there are so many people, friends, teachers, and parents that have influenced me that could probably fill up an entire book :). For all the people in my life past , present and the future I am grateful for you all, and hope y’all are doing well.

Sherrie (sister) and my brother

Meg P.

Mary Beth H now B.

Amanda M.

Jon David

Amanda S

Rachel M.


Laurel F. and her brother Josh F.

Joel (?) not in band sat at our lunch table senior year

Thomas R

Zack S

Jeannie H

Liz D. now Liz H. (she has a gluten free blog )

From CAP I have my boys 🙂 Bob, Aaron, Josh, Shelton, Lane, and Ian.

From College my three best friends in the whole wide world and whom I consider sisters

Mara, Jessica L. , and Jessica K.

All of these people have been there for me in some way shape or form. I always felt guilty for not being able to do things for others..well more for others. I made a promise to my self that when I got the chance I would give back to others in need. I try to remember that …whether it is opening a door, letting someone merge on to the highway … or getting the chance to volunteer. That brings us back to Habitat for Humanity… they are an amazing organization and I am so excited to be able to volunteer with is organization.

I started volunteering for the organization Saturday. I spent 3.5 hours stripping copper wire. I am quite impressed on how fast I caught on. While the blisters all over my hands hurt …I am so glad that I am helping this organization. Also I am so glad I do not carry money on me … they have such great stuff at the Resale store. They sell stuff at a discounted price so people who can not afford the brand name / or fancy stores can come by and find similar stuff depending on what has been donated! Then the money they use to buy the donated items goes to help families who need homes ! There was a bunch of stuff that if I had money …well lets just say I would have bought it.


Learn something new every day

Do my best to help at the store every week

Help at a few builds in the summer of 2012

Learn a bunch of new skills while helping to build homes


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