101 in 1001 : Movies section : ‘Rio’


I made a list of movies that I wanted to see this year. One of those movies was Rio. It is about a bird in Rio, Brazil that is captured by poachers and eventually ends up in Moose, Minnesota. Where not only is it cold, people love riding snowmobiles , but also Cheese and sprinkles are a big deal ;). A little girl , Linda, finds Blu (like the cheese …giggles) and takes care of him. Eventually Blu (Jessie Elsenberg) and Linda (Anne Hathaway) go to Rio to meet another female blue Macaw to save the speicies. Eventually the two Macaws are stolen and go through various trials to get free and back to where they want to be. Blu (Jessie Elsenberg) however can not fly which causes a lot of issues throughout the movie and thwarts Jewels (female blue Macaw) efforts to escape and return to the wild jungle. Eventually the two birds and their owners fall in love and of course in the end everything works out.

My favoriet things about this movie are:
It is colorful and vibrant.

Good themes for Children/and characters : Friendship, strong female characters, love conquers all , Sticking by your friends/helping others ie. selflessness

It has some great music. (I am not fond of the hip hop however…. I love the sambas / Brazilian music. )

Things to note:

It does have some scantly dressed people but considering it is “Carnival” and that is how people dress for Carnival I was no bothered by it much. Though it may be a good idea to discuss why the people are dressed that way to children who are young.

Also it glossed over a lot of things that could have been fleshed out ie. his trauma as a baby bird, and why he was so upset when he and Jewels were finally not chained to each other (showing good communication… ) I think a lot of films show how not to communicate with your partner / or significant other. Maybe its just me but I have rarely found a movie where the two main characters actually say what they mean and communicate that in a civilized way. Then again that wouldn’t make conflict thus it probably does not make good television/movies.

Overall I think this movie deserves 4 starts out of 5


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