101 in 1001: Movies Section- ‘Your Highness’

Here is my warning this movie is not for kids. In fact this is probably not suitable for anyone other than adults. If you do not like cursing, erotic, or vulgar satire then this movie is not for you. It stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Natalie Portman. My husband and I felt like it was a good movie that had some wit and was very unique. I consider it a stupid funny…otherwise its so stupid it is funny. Zooey Deschanel’s character as always is a little off. My favorite part was when she tried to comb her hair with a fork …ahem anyone Little Mermaid …Ariel combing her hair with the fork while sitting next to the prince at the dinner table… as a side note Ariel always goes to  Scuttle (also if anyone has noticed Scuttle butt = bull Sh**, gossip or rumors in the Navy which aptly describes Scuttle the Seagull ) to find out what certain things she finds on the ocean floor are. Her character has all these moments of what I call foot in mouth syndrome which just makes you stop and think ‘WHat?’ ie. When she talks about the cervix being over….instead of the service. You can tell that Natalie Portman definitely has fun and her character is almost a complete 180 in this film from Black Swan. The two brothers are dim witted and quite stupid compared to the female characters. There were a few scenes that I could have lived with out but overall the cast did a good job with the movie.

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