“Hi sweetie could you bring the truck…”

The past week has been full of interesting things and there is a theme behind it all my husband is always there for me. Even though I am accident prone, nutty, and pick out bizarre items and for that I love you sweetie! Wednesday  I dropped my tweasers down the bathroom sink. My husband had to retrieve them via taking apart plumbing. Have I mentioned my husband doesn’t really like plumbing. Thursday I found a flea on Gizmo, trapped it under a glass, and who did I call …my husband. He came home and we gave Gizmo another flea treatment.  Today I found this unique thing. I was at habitat for humanity and got to do a few things sweep, organize, and price items. I like organizing and I am pretty good at cleaning so overall I felt like I did a good job. I kept walking past this yellow wooden cart thing… I asked one of the guys there ‘what is that’? and he told me what it was…

The story behind the weird item is…

This guy built it for his kids…aww right… well he built it so they could help him do the dishes…. huh… that is cute! giggles. Okay so I became attached really attached and since the other cool piece I liked was sold … well lets just say I was really hoping that it was still there when I finished my 3.5 hours. Well not only was it there but they let me have it woohoo! I love the people there … I was going to pay the five dollars for it but hey dont look a gift horse in the mouth!

I get it to my car… and well okay I cant get it in. I folded down the seats, took off the cover for the trunk area (its a hatch back)…and no such luck any which way. I call my husband…

“Hi sweetie”


“Could you bring the truck to the resale store”?


“Because I found this cool thing and I can’t get it in my car.”

“Okay, Ill be there in a few.”

My husband gets to reseale store. “You couldn’t get that in the car”? me ” Nope we tried every which way” . Husband “okay. What is that?” . me “It is so cute… Ill tell you the cool story about it when we get home”.

Later at the house…

I drive up park and get out of my car.

Husband, “So, what is it”.

I proceed to tell him the cool story about the guy making it for his kids. Then my husband asks “and what are you going to do with it”. me “I dont know … but its cool! I think Ill put it in the kitchen.”

Yes its not in the kitchen come to find out its too big for my tiny kitchen. Yes it is odd but I consider it a conversation piece :). Brian agrees that it will start conversations! At the moment its home is in the living room….

The only thing I want to add is another shelf to break up the large space which will only take one board across on the inside. Otherwise I would like to keep the same structure and form.

Things to do

Build shelf

Clean it

Sand it

Repaint it whtie

Then come up with some more ideas of what to do with it…

My only idea right now… put a cool looking lamp once we have another shelf it there… and put books  and other decore stuff.

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