101 in 1001: Master Bedroom: Buy and install windows

We have been trying to work on the master bedroom and make progress for two years! Finally we have made a giant leap forward. Our new windows were installed in our master bedroom on October 5th 2011! They are double paned , energy efficient windows that are easy to clean. I can not believe how much better our room looks with one simple thing finished. Our room is also warmer … I only need a blanket and comforter instead of 3-4 blankets. One of our windows was very drafty and so I froze almost every night.

Company: Pioneer Windows

Review: They dropped off the windows the day before and told us they would be back in the morning. They were running behind and well so were we so we did not mind at all. They came over the next day and installed the windows. According to my husband they took their time and did every step efficiently and made sure everything was correct.When I came home I got to see the windows and I was pleased. We will be using this company again for the other five windows, 2 sliders, 1 side door, and hopefully a nice french door.

I left a plate of cookies so that they could have a few when they were done working. Needless to say they enjoyed my pumpkin sugar cookies.

Here are some photos…

Finally we re organized our room the next day. We put the beds on the other wall, vacuumed the floors, dusted the room, and made the bed.

I spent a few days the past week making sugar cookies cut out in the shape of pumpkins and decorating them. Here is the progress I have made. I would give my self an A for flooding the cookies, and a C for detail work. I think I should have decorated the cookies over a few days and only a little at a time considering my arm but I became impatient and had to finish them.


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