101 in 1001: Breast Cancer Walk

I participated in the Breast cancer walk ‘Making strides against breast cancer’. It was a three mile walk starting at Heritage Landing in Muskegon Michigan. It is so beautiful at Heritage Landing!! I was unsure about walking three miles. Why? I can barely walk 1 mile on our property …then again I did have the wrong shoes on and walking on sand / uneven ground is very different from flat stable ground. I made it through the three mile walk in 70 minutes. Which is not bad considering I am not in shape and my knee kept trying to lock up on me. Also my hip was giving me some trouble every now and again. I have an old knee injury and I acidently pulled my left hip out slightly because I picked a kid up wrong (ie. I didn’t bend my knees) .

So I went alone to the walk…which was awkward for me…going somewhere …where I do not know a single person there. It was a good experience though to do things on my own. Sometimes I think I am too dependent on others whether that is their input, guidance , praise, or them just being there.

I signed in and listened to the amazing speakers. We did a cardio kind of thing to get us warmed up to mustang sally. Side note I felt embarrassed to exercise in front of people… I think its the fact that I was in an unfamiliar situation. Eventually I just thought whatever …and got in to it a little bit and was able to at least smile and have some fun. I dont know maybe its just my personality and I just can not let loose with people I dont know. When its close friends it is different.

We started the walk at 9am and I finished around 1010ish. Once I got to the end I was amazed that I finished. I didn’t get discouraged at any point. Though when my knee would lock up I thought I may have to sit down but I was able to push through it. When I sat on the steps at the very end and looked out at the green lawn and the seaguls walking across it. I felt like I accomplished . I felt proud…and that is rare for me to feel proud of my self.

Here are some photos from the walk.


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