My 25th Birthday

On November 2nd 2011 at 7pm I turned 25 years old. I can not believe that I am a 1/4 of a century old. It seems like yesterday when I was in junior high, high school, my undergraduate etc. I have moved from Katy Texas to Colorado Springs Colorado and finally Twin Lake Michigan. I have done everything from band, choir, civil air patrol -search and rescue, and many different jobs. I am excited for the future and for what every day brings.

My husband made me meatloaf burgers with corn on the side. He bought an Oreo cream pie for dessert. Dinner and dessert was amazing! Meat loaf burgers is one of those recipes that we re-make because it is amazing. That is truly saying something because we rarely remake recipes ….mainly because I am always finding new ones 🙂

I have gotten three awesome cards and some money from various family members. I truly appreciate the cards and money. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love hand written letters and cards…no matter how small the gesture… I appreciate it.

When I got my birthday money this year I thought what do I buy..okay Ill be honest I OBSSESED… I thought I dont need a purse…well what about something for my mixer…well everything for that is way to expensive…sigh… clothes…eh I am feeling like bleh and lately I can not fit in to my pants which makes me depressed and really makes me not want to go shopping…. cook book *ding* something that everyone can benefit from…okay really I just love cook books. In fact I have had a few of them on my wish list for a while.

My husband had a few cook books on his wish list that he thought I would like. I picked the Don’t Panic dinners in the freezer off of my husbands list. It had great reviews and I loved the title. It reminded me of ‘The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’…. que music ‘ so long so  long so long and thanks for all the fish…’ cough okay so back to cook books.

I watched Julie and Julia (2009) last year. I loved the film and I have read a few posts from her blog. I really did not like the format and it was difficult to read. That is till I found a better version today. So I may be able to read it from start to finish one of these days. Which reminds me that I still have not read all the Sailor moon Manga and to be honest I haven’t finished Sense and Sensability…but alas I am off topic again. So I watched the film and decided I should look in to the cook book and after reading the reviews I put it on my wish list.

I also had a bread baking book on my wish list. I like making bread but sometimes things do not go as planned. I hope that this book will empower me to make some kick A** bread :).

I really really wanted a Pakistani cookbook..but the one I wanted does not come out till December 30th…My husband said well if you want I can get that for your Christmas gift… 🙂 I love my husband. Of course I said YES that would be a perfect Christmas gift! As I was looking for the Pakistani cook book I found ‘The Indian menu planner’ for 12 cents…yes you read that correctly I bought the used cook book for .12 cents. To be honest it cost more to ship it than to buy it…but you know what I am not going to complain.

PS. If you have not noticed or met me in person… I am Obsessive Compulsive…. and I tend to jump from one subject to the next…and I get distracted by furry animals and shiny things.

The books in list form…

1. Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1 by Julia Child

2.The Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread by Peter Reinhart

3. The Indian Menu Planner by Twelve Celebrated Master Chefs of Welcome Group Maurya Sheraton Hotel and Dheeraj Paul

4. Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer: Great tasting meals you can make ahead by Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell and Bonnie Garcia

I will take photos when they show up ! I am super excited and can not wait to get them and cook for people.

Thank you to the following people for the Birthday wishes.

My wonderful husband.

My little Sister -Sqeaker







Kris and Jenna

Sara R








Amanda M






Amanda S



Jenn M

Sara D

Maggie B B-S



Emily E

Liz H

Emily L

Jessica K

Mara W

Mary Beth B

and to everyone above and to anyone that I have missed … I appreciate all of your birthday wishes. You have touched my life in many ways at different times…and even though some of us are right down the street, in a different city, scattered across the United States, and or in different countries…I truly miss and love you all.


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