101 in 1001 : Harry potter, Grey’s Anatomy, walking, and yoga

I feel like I have not been doing a whole lot in general. Then again most of the time I am doing school work, practicing clarinet, or cleaning. I looked over my 101 list and found a bunch of things I have completed! I was amazed and happy to find that I finished quite a few things this semester!

December : I will finish the following Mid-Late December

Turn in grad app

Host a simple dinner

Read a book or two

Make a tart

Finish Christmas Treats

Though lets get back to what I have finished over the past month or so..

Harry potter and the deathly hallows pt 2

Wow !! What an amazing movie. The graphics were great and the acting was superb. The only thing that makes me sad is that its over… :(. I also forgot how very dark and morbid it is in the last book. I was sad that they cut out a few things but I know they can not put everything in it. I wish they would have added the lighter moments, though few and far between, in the movie. Overall I have mixed feelings … a lot of the characters I love died in the last movie and on the other hand its more realistic that some characters would die. Well at least Harry, Hermione, and Ron survived.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy fall season 2011 on Tv!

😦 Meredith and Derek did not get Zola, but they did end up back together. Alex still bounces from ass to good guy. Lexi really needs to choose a guy and stick with him. I can not believe they killed Tedy’s husband *angry face*. I think Owen is a great Chief of surgery. I still love Bailey because she kicks butt! Kepner is a little less whiney which is great.  I love this season overall and can not wait for the next. I think Yang has grown the most from season one to now. I used to love Meredith the most but she just eh I dont know….its like she doesn’t change much. She has gotten a little better and became a good mom that is till she took Zola thus jeopardizing their adoption. I am still hopeful that everything will work out for the characters. I am still amazed that Mer, Yang and Alex are the only ones from the original interns that made it through the program.

 Walk my entire property with out complaining about mosquitoes …in fact no complaining at all 🙂

I can’t believe I did it! One I did not realize I had not complained till we got back home. It was amazing. Though it helped that there were no mosquitoes.

Stick to a yoga class for Fall 11

I only missed 1 or 2 days where I did not go due to school work or a migraine. Unfortunately next semester none of the yoga classes fit my schedule. A few days ago I was digging through some of my boxes and found an old yoga dvd… 🙂 I will be using this at home 2 days a week to keep up with my yoga.

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