Christmas presents and family

I am a lucky person in general. I was given a lot of things this year. My Grandma/pa Parker sent me a gift card to target! I bought a new apron and two awesome anchor bowls.

From my husband’s side of the family I got :

Some awesome fuzzy socks

Body butter mmm fruity

Some lotion – smells really light

Some kitchen towels – the roosters on the one towel are adorable

Three gift cards etc.

With the Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card I bought:

A Nastalgia Ice Cream MakerNostalgia Electrics The Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker

A Mortar and pedestal

Mortar and Pestle

I can not wait to get these two items in the mail!

Brian and I woke up Christmas eve and of course Gizmo is jumping all over the place. So we roll out of bed and shuffle to get coffee and then we slowly made our way to the living room. We sat on the ground slowly and started opening presents with our little monkey.

As I unwrapped her first present she grabbed the pink dog and ran with it down the hall way. I told her she had more but she would not come back so I squeaked her lion toy that was still in the bag and she came running back with her pink plushy dog toy in her mouth…her expression ….”there’s more!!!” I showed her the lion and she immediately dropped the dog and grabbed the lion and dragged it away. We got her two new sweaters and eventually we convinced her to come and get one on.

Gizmo sniffing pink dog.

Gizmo sitting in her sweater …she does not like sweaters.

The lion and dog under the tree

I got Gizmo to sit under the tree next to her presents

Gizmo’s favorite toy now is the lion.

I warmed up a home made treat and gave it to her and she was very content. Later on that night we brought presents home from my in laws and of course she was bouncing off the walls when she saw the packages.

She opened the box with some help from daddy. She then took a bone and ran to go eat it :).

Here is Gizmo snoozzing on Christmas day…in her blue hoodie sweater, on her red bed, with Daddy’s blue blanket, and her lion.

While I love my gifts I am more thankful that my mom is alive.

Everything went well this past week and weekend. That is till I got a call from my sister stating our mom was in the hospital. She had a 95 percent blockage of her right coronary artery. They caught it right before she had a heart attack. They cleared the blockage and put a stint in. She is feeling a lot better. My sister, her husband, my brother, his girlfriend, and step dad are all with her. My grand parents are also near by in the town they live it which is great. I did panic, break down, and cry. Because when I found out about it all I knew was that she had already had a heart attack not that they caught it before she had a heart attack. So as you can imagine I panicked. I am very thankful that the doctors were able to clear her blockage and put a stint in. I am also thankful that the doctors and nurses took good care of her and that there is family near by to take care of her as she recovers. What is also a miracle is she is no longer in pain in her legs. For the past 15 years or so she has been in severe pain in her lower legs. After the surgery they told her she could not move. That was going to be a problem since she tosses and turns. However for the first time in a long time she did not toss and turn and she was no longer in pain.


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