New years resolution

I usually do not make New Years Resolutions but I think I will make a few this year. I am trying to get in to a masters program for Occupational therapy. If I get into a masters program then I will not be able to work due to the 16-18 credit load every semester for six semesters. This means the money I usually make will be gone.

My goal is to cut my grocery bill in half by couponing. Yes I am watching extreme couponing. I only want to cut my grocery bill by 100 dollars a month. That would save us 1000 dollars a year and that would be great to go towards paying off our debt and finishing our renovations on our house.

I will be using…. as my resource to start couponing.


New Years resolutions:

1. cut grocery bill by half ie 100 dollars a month-stock up on items and fill my pantry in my basement with in the year

2. buy according to sales

3. cook and freeze meals-so that we have those ready every month in case we do not feel like cooking that night.


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