Gifts from the Kitchen : Sugar Cookies

Gifts from the Kitchen

A friend from school was coming over today to let me borrow her notes and a book. I am so thankful because the class is really hard! I thought, “Well, she is driving all the way out to my house and I know she liked the pumpkin sugar cookies I made in October ” *light bulb* “Wait! You have the almond extract… You should make her the sugar cookies!” I made three batches of the sugar cookie dough. I rolled hers in to a log, wrapped it in wax paper, and then plastic wrap. I almost forgot to give it to her but I had a note on the fridge with her name on it. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and remembered!

It was so nice to see her and have some time to catch up a bit. I was so excited because she brought over her beautiful baby. Gizmo, of course, had issues. *rolls eyes* Gizmo would get so quiet when she got close to my friend or the baby. The baby tried to pet Gizmo but Gizmo panicked a little. She isn’t really used to babies. I think she knows on some level that she needs to be gentle with babies. Usually she would jump and paw at people, but around the baby she was so gentle and cautious. Then when they left she went to the door and looked back at me like “why did they go?” She loves company, and doesn’t understand that people can’t stay all day long.

Decorating  practice:

Well I came home and decided to do a trial run with the marbled cookies I want to make for Valentine’s day.  I only had white snow frosting so I thinned that out. The next time I make these I will definitely make a batch of white royal icing. This was mainly something for me to do to relax. I am very stressed out these past few weeks. I’ve also had headaches for around two weeks straight and it has taken a toll on me in every way imaginable. 1. I found that I am quicker at piping and only one cookie’s border had issuesJ. 2. Flooding went a lot fast and was easier this time around. I think I am truly getting the hang of piping and flooding. I am hoping that on Valentine’s Day I will be able to make marbled sugar cookie hearts for my sweetie and they turn out similar to the ones on Annie’s Eats..

This post was edited by: Mara W.


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