101 in 1001: Update: Camera, Grad School, Old Carpet, and Pasta

I have been so busy that I forgot to update the blog. Honestly, I really have not been cooking a lot. I mainly have been making my freezer meals. I am glad that I made so much because of how busy I have been. I am hoping now that my grad applications are in that it will slow down a little bit for me. When I went through my 101 page recently, I found a few things that I had accomplished! I am always surprised when I go through my list and I can strike through so many things off of it. I love lists and the best part of lists is being able to cross things off! It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I get things done.

I have been using my camera lately, and I finished using the fourth roll of film out of the pack I bought. I hope the pictures of the snow come out well. I tried to take photos of Brian and Gizmo walking down the drive way, and of the driveway with all the snow making the trees bow inward.

I also turned in my graduate applications on January 10th, and I send the second one on January 27th. I have my second phase for the first school in February. I will probably find out in March if I get in to the graduate programs for both school. I think the hardest thing is sitting and waiting for the results.

One of my goals on my 101 list was to make homemade pasta. Well, this past month I made the spinach pasta and I didn’t even realize that I could mark that particular item off of said list! We have not tried the pasta yet but we are looking forward to trying it with some Alfredo sauce and shrimp.

My dog has been suffering from fleas. We got her the K9 Advantix II and it worked so well! We have been battling evil fleas for a while. Eventually we broke down and bought the K9 for 70 dollars. It had four treatments in the box! I thought it was one treatment for 70 dollars and that is why I would not buy it. We gave her the treatment, and she is so used to getting flea treatments that she sat the mandatory 5 minutes. Then Brian called her over and there were fleas twitching and falling off of her! She has been flea free for a while. I, on the other hand, have been suffering from a bunch of bites from an unknown enemy for the same amount of time. The dermatologist thought it was sand fleas. So we tore out the old carpet thinking that maybe the fleas were living in it. Then we sprayed the bed and floors with flea spray. There was nothing! No dead fleas anywhere that we could see. *shrugs* Oh well. The carpet needed to be torn out anyway because we are trying to finish renovating the master bedroom. I am still not sure why I have these bite marks but at least we are making head way with the bedroom. We cleaned up the room and found that the particle board was in okay shape. It was chipping and that was making the room both uncomfortable and uneven. We could do one of two things: either sand the particle board down so it is even, or clean it up as best we could and then lay plywood over it. We chose the second option because it was easier on my husband’s hand. As we were trying to scrape the padding off of the particle board, Gizmo kept walking in front of where ever I worked. I was afraid that she was going to get hurt so I stuffed her in my shirt and tied my shirt behind my back. She started to fall asleep as I worked, but once she was too warm she decided to leave. I am looking forward to having carpet installed in our room.

Pookie bear sleeping while I work

The room in progress.

Brian laying down ply wood flooring

I can not help but put this cute picture of our Gizmo on here. She loves rubbing her face in the snow.


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