Valentines Day

My husband and I had a nice Valentines day. I went to work and came home excited to go get some pizza and spend a night in.

I got home and my husband says… “I have something for you, but if you don’t like it I can return it for something else” …I looked at him a little worried as I held this rectangular box wrapped in blue Christmas wrapping paper. I opened the box and I smiled… it was a crystal making experiment. So far the experiment is going well. 🙂

We bought Spanky’s Pizza which apparently has the best bread sticks…oh yes they have the best bread sticks that I have ever had! The pizza was so good and a wonderful end to a long day.Unfortunately, I ended up with one of my bad headaches and just laid in bed for the evening.

Earlier in the week before Valentines day I made some neat Marbled Cookies.

I had some success with the cookies to a point. I think, however, my white royal icing must have been a different consistency because the white bleed in to the red background a little.

Search : Sugar Cookies and Royal icing for the recipe 🙂


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