Cranberry Chicken

I love dried cranberries … canned cranberry sauce not so much. In fact I really hate cranberry sauce on its own. Ive tried it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and no matter what I just don’t like the strong taste.  However, when made in to a delectable mix and toss in some chicken it is very tasty. I let the chicken sit in the sauce for a entire day before baking it. I decided to make a home made mac and cheese and peas as side dishes to the Cranberry Chicken. It was such a wonderful meal. I could not stop eating the food. I had a wood chuck hard cider with my meal also.


Cranberry Chicken

Home made mac and cheese w/ bread crumbs on top



Vanilla cup cakes with swiss meringue buttercream


Chuck wood Hard Cider

Cranberry Chicken

8 oz Catalina dressing

1 pkg dry onion soup mix

1 – 1 Ib can whole berry cranberry sauce

4 boned chicken breasts

Serves 4

Cooking day instructions: Mix together dressing, onion soup mix, and cranberry sauce. Place chicken adn mixture together in a freezer bag. Freeze, using freezer bag method.

Serving day instructions: Thaw completely. Place chicken with cranberry sauce in greased baking dish, and bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 1- 1 1/2 hours.


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