Saint Pattricks day : Three leaf clover cookies

We did not go any where special for St. Patties day. I am 1/4 Irish and my family’s name is Flanagan. I love being Irish even though I was not allowed to know my mothers side of the family. The Irish in my family are all dark. We all have dark hair and eyes at least that is what I am told. We only have a handful of blonds and one red head my Great Grand mother Tiny’s daughter Zelda. Yes I have a relative named Zelda how stinking cool is that *cue Nintendo music*. So, I decided to make some sugar cookies to celebrate the holiday. They came out really well. I did have some problems piping and so I had to thin it out a little more than it initially was.

Here is the sugar cookie recipe that I use frequently: Sugar cookies

I honestly can not stop eating these cookies. They are very addictive and I have no will power when they are in my house. Enjoy!

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