I have not talked about grad school on my blog and there is a reason for that. If I told the blogging world about applying to grad school then I would have had to tell you I was placed on the wait list for GVSU and WMU and that was just too depressing.

I was upset and depressed for a while. Well okay I’ll be honest I seriously thought about the what if … what if I do not make it? What do I do? What am I supposed to do? I have pulled all these loans, which I did not have loans for my undergrad at all, so loans are a huge deal for me. Eventually I just started creating different plans… Then settled on one plan. This plan would allow me to work year around while I beefed up my grad application and tried again.

For grad school we can get points for practice in the field. So, I decided to do a CNA course while finishing my pre reqs for grad school, and then get a CNA job. So, not only have I been neglecting everything … I have been neglecting this blog while trying to work, finish pre req classes at GVSU, and a CNA course in the evening. If you know me in real life or have spoken to me in any format …you know I am crazy. I plan…I worry …and I have a touch of OCD…okay okay…maybe more than just a touch.

Plan A: Go to grad school

Plan B: The plan was to work as a CNA, pay off all the debt that I could and then, reapply to grad school in January and then hopefully get in fall 2013.

Plan C: Find a Job as a CNA for May-Aug, work 6 days a week till grad school starts, then only work Sunday’s on call.

Today, I am a substitute teacher at the moment, I was at work and it was the last hour ….. my phone starts vibrating ….my hand goes to the pocket…. I wanted to answer but I couldn’t answer my phone. If the students I sub for can not answer their phones then I hold my self to that same standard. It was so hard to do because I thought it was a job offer.

So after work I sat in my car and listened to the message and … I hear her name …and WMU….and the number. There was nothing after that. I though huh…thats odd they usually say why they are calling. So, I called the lady back and she asked me if I was still interested in a spot at WMU OT grad program. I practically yelled YES!!! So, I will be going to WMU OT grad program in the fall. *happy dance*

I am so excited!!!

So here is to the next twenty eight months of grad school that starts in September at Western Michigan University !


2 thoughts on “WMU: MS OT, GRAD SCHOOL!!”

  1. I was accepted into WMU’s OT grad program to start this fall and would like to talk to a recent graduate of their program to help me in making my decision between WMU and another program. Would you be willing to tell me about your experience at the school, if you feel like WMU prepared you for the “real world”, etc?

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