Clothes for grad school and everyday

I love going shopping for clothes. I especially like it when I find things I can wear and fit in to! My sister in law, mother in law and I went to 3-4 different stores the other day. I was able to find a plethora of things that will work for everyday and grad school.  I found 2 dress shirts, 2 casual shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, one A line skirt, one long straight skirt, and a pair of dress shorts. I apologize for some of the photos they came out a little blurry, and I haven’t had the chance to re take the photos. The total for all 10 items came around 38 dollars. I must say I have done very well. I did have a little difficulty finding some jeans to fit in to. I tried on two pairs of jeans and I couldn’t get in to them.  I tend to go through jeans more than anything else. Probably because I tend to wear them the most. I finally was able to find a pair I could fit in to and it passed my test 1. they have to be comfortable and be able to breath 2. I have to be able to move around in them and sit / squat etc.  I am trying to get enough skirts and shorts so I can wear a variety of things throughout the week. There was this purple skirt that was very pretty but alas it was too big for me.

I am hoping that by walking everyday, biking (once I get the breaks fixed), and yoga will help me stay healthy and fit. I am also trying to eat smaller meals, not snack when I am bored, and knowing when I am full.

The next few things on my list when ever I go shopping again are, shoes (heels and flats),work dresses, and accessories


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