George and the Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center

George was a hawk that was wounded in our front yard. He hopped in to our wooded area the first time and we could not find him. Later on in the day we could hear him making noise. It took a while to catch him and honestly I did not think we were going to be able to.

I tend to get attached to animals and of course I named the bird. We took him to a rehabilitation center in our town and Susan cleaned Georges wound

Sadly someone shot George, and he has a through and through a primary joint. When a break happens at the joint or the joint is destroyed it is impossible to rehabilitate the bird because they can not fly. The shot also blew off his lower beak also which makes it impossible for him to catch and eat food effectively. He was humanly euthanized due to his injuries. I wish he could have been rehabilitated, but I am glad he is not in any more pain.

If you want to learn more about Raptors visit the Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center. They are open the 2nd Thursday and 2nd Sunday each month 1-4 and its free.

Braveheart Raptor Rehabilitation Center on 6221 Sweeter road Twin Lake Michigan.


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