Textbooks, organizing, and a Pool party

I was a total dork and picked the wrong section when trying to find my books. *headdesk* I do not know why I did this and can only blame it on exhaustion. I read the email a few times before even looking for my books … oh well. Once my financial aid comes through I will be able to pay for my text books and have them mailed to me since Kalamazoo is quite a ways away.

Which my friends blog ‘Life Unscripted’ by Mary Beth has reminded me that I really need to organize my entire practice room. I have just been letting that area get messier with no end in sight. I tend to clean two areas every day the kitchen and the bathroom. My practice room… well I walk in… look around and leave. I have no motivation to organize or go through all the stuff that is in there. Now that school is going to start on September 4th I think I should get a head start and clear out all the junk.

I do look forward to buying school supplies but I am not sure what I need. I have plenty of pencils. I have a really good binder from High School that I can use. I however have no index cards, and my colorful pens are running out of ink. I only have one spiral note book left and I have taken to writing notes from daily life in to it for example for my Wounded Warrior Wives training etc.

If any one has gone to grad school and has any suggestions on supplies I would greatly appreciate it.

Next week I get to go to a pool party and meet everyone from the previous and the current OT class for Grand Rapids at WMU. It sounds like a lot of fun , and even my husband agrees I need to get out and make some friends.

I guess before I go to work I will make my way down stairs and figure out a plan for the practice room. If it only had a window I think I would enjoy the room more… and a door…and walls. Okay I would enjoy it more if it was oh finished.


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