Art Prize and Buffalo Wild Wings

I have had a wonderful day. I did well on my neuro test (neurology class), and fantastic on my process quiz (OT process in physical dysfunction). I also did something that I normally do not do. Usually, I leave class and go straight home. Even in my undergrad I rarely had fun and went out with my friends. When I am home I do dishes, homework, more homework, and maybe a little studying. My goal is to find balance and today wow I could not believe that I could actually have fun and still get everything accomplished. I was able to and that makes me very happy and excited!

Today, I went out with five wonderful ladies from the OT program I am in. We went around Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was great to see all the different types of art and mediums. My favorites so far are the dragon made of metal, teh Fish made out of metal cabinets, a pencil drawing, and the horses in the water. Eventually, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which was a new experience for me also. I really loved their buffalo chicken wrap. It reminded me of the buffalo chicken sub I was addicted to in my undergrad.

I enjoyed the time I spent with them, and it was a calm and fun experience which I needed. I believe I have all the ladies names down (Addie, Alyssa, Tessa, Melissa, and Sara). I took a lot of photos of the art, but I forgot to get a photo of everyone opps.

In this photo: Alyssa is on the left, and Addie is on the right 🙂 we were all at Buffalo Wild Wings

There is so much to see and I think it would take forever to see all of the art in Art Prize.

I think I enjoyed everything except for the sweater I was wearing. It became so warm and having such a thick sweater did not help at all. I also think next time I will just drink water. Those of you who know me ahem Mara, and the Jessica’s know that when I drink alcohol I have to go to the bathroom quite often and I end up a giggly. I did drink around three glasses of water, and even came home and drank more. I am not sure if but my body just kept saying ‘we are thirsty, dry mouth,helloooo drink more water!!’

My husband took me out for dinner which was also another wonderful surprise. Later that night I had a meeting at work which went by fast. I was able to come home do the quiz, and finish one part of an assignment. I also finished the dishes sometime earlier today, but I can not seem to remember when. I do remember that I started to have pain while doing the dishes. That was a little disappointing and discouraging considering how good I felt physically today.

Side note and picture: Here is my new desk calendar and day planner 🙂

Art Prize:

Things that come to my mind: Just keep swimming , swimming , just keep swimming swimming swimming

I think Alysa is on the left, and Sara is on the right. I love the colors in this one.

Thoughts that come to  mind: TURTLES!!! I love turtles. We have a big snapping turtle that lives somewhere on our land and so I was drawn to this.

My first thought was Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’

The depth, forethought, and detail in this mural (it is A LOT bigger than this small shot) is amazing.

I thought my sister would love this one 🙂

I love horses! This was very cool how they incorporated nature in the actual presentation.

I look forward to doing things like this in the future.



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