The oncoming attack

Disclaimer: This is an original poem. Please do not steal, copy /paste my work with out asking for my explicit permission.

I was bored one night and decided to see if I could still write a poem. I used to have a ton of them, but some how I lost all of my poetry, art, and dress designs between moves from Texas, Colorado, and Michigan.

This started as a Haiku and it evolved in to this long winded story. I hope that it keeps you guessing till the end.

The oncoming attack (2012)

By: Rena M.

Every night I go to bed

You take up more room than I would like

I try to push you away to get some space, just a little space at night

You kick and stretch and protest, and eventually I give in

Later on I fall asleep, no longer do I complain about the little portion of the bed that remains


I dream of many things and colors

They seldom make sense during the day

Sometimes I dream of you or others who I have loved and who have gone away


The sun is rising… and we are sleeping

I know you are cuddling close by

You are warm and small, sweet and loving


Should I open one eye?

I open one eye to the glaring morning

Hoping you won’t notice

Quick perhaps you did not notice! Quickly I close my eye


You get up close nose to nose, that little nose makes me smile

I can feel you staring at me even though my eyes are closed

You will try many tactics before I admit defeat and finally arise


Finally, I open my eyes …..

Every morning I open my eyes, and every morning you attack….


With a little monkey face and lips

With little paws and tail

The purveyor of mischief, and insect killer

The tiny little Affenpincher

Pomeranian little ears and nose

A big mustache and overzealous eyebrows

I cannot help but awake and smile

And just so you know, I’ve been awake for awhile


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